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I am a private lender. I am not wealthy. The first deal I funded was for $50,000. That may seem like a lot of money but you probably come into contact with many people every day who have $50,000 and many of them will be happy to lend to you if you find an appropriate deal and present it correctly. Really. This is part 1 of 6.

RDI Podcast Ep91: Barry Flavin

This week I sit down with Barry Flavin and chat about buying 13 houses in one year.

Show Quote of the Week:

“All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, then success is sure.” Mark Twain

This week I sit down with Jan Dijkers and we discuss surviving hard times, lawsuits, investing in real estate, the fall and rise of downtown Detroit, development projects in Brush Park and Woodbridge, flipping, building a property management company, selling $6 million in real estate last year, and more!

This week I go over investing in Detroit single family homes. From A, B, C properties, different investment strategies, building or buying a team, how to avoid the Jackals of Detroit, and who shouldn’t invest in Detroit.

This week I sit down with Jeremy Cronin. We chat about investing in Detroit from Europe, how he made his decisions to buy as an international investor, and why!

January 2016 Renegade Detroit Investor Meeting. Let’s keep it real. We go to networking events to meet new people and make more money. All the frills and distractions have been ruthlessly cut.

This is the 2nd part of a 6 part series on wholesaling. This episode focuses on talking to sellers by covering how to get the information you need, how to overcome objections, how to get sellers to make decisions, and role playing!

This week I sit down with Mike Cowper, wholesaler and real estate investor. We talk about wholesaling, flipping, phone sales, systems, what to say to sellers, and more.

This week I sit down with Steve Londeau. He is a full time professional real estate investor, since 2009, with hundreds of deals under his belt ranging from short sales to buying and selling pools of notes, flipping, land lording, and his current endeavor, wholesaling domination.

This week I sit down with Ron Walraven, a full time real estate investor and real estate agent, with over 3000 deals to his name. We chat about REO’s, listing houses, flipping houses, wholesaling, seller calls, building a buyers list, and more.

This month I sit down with Tommy Desmond, team leader at Desmond Realty, Oakland County real estate agent, code flipper, house flipper, landlord, and commercial real estate investor.

Shawn Friend, owner of Grass Bandits, started with no cash and an 8th grade education. With his wife, Alisha, he has grown the business to one of the largest lawn care companies in the area. He has also wholesaled, seller financed and bought a piece of commercial real estate via seller financing.