RDI Podcast Ep97 Mark Tomes

RDI Podcast Ep97: Mark Tomes

RDI Podcast Ep97: Mark Tomes

Let me introduce you to my guest, Mark Tomes :
He is a husband, father of 6, flipper, buy and hold investor, and wholesaled 1 deal. By day he’s a buyer at an electronics company, by night he buys, fixes, flips, and rents real estate with his family. He sold his most energetic years for dollars per hour and started a real estate business as a way to teach his children about entrepreneurship, self reliance, financial responsibility, and making a bit of coin for himself. His best return on investment has been the network, making friends and money at the same time is really fun. His family purchased a horse farm in September of 2018, which was a life time goal. His future goals include more north Oakland county flips, getting into self storage and retiring while he still have a bit of life left to travel.

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