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No RDI meeting this month. Have a drink for RDI (it is Cinco de Mayo) and spend time with your family in the sun. Maybe next month….

New Beginnings, New Deals, New Meeting Mode! This will be the first virtual RDI meeting! Here is what we are doing:

MODIFIED: Renegade Facebook LIVE Ask Anything March Modified 2020

RDI Podcast Ep 111: This week we start part 4 of The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and read to pages 210-280.

Renegade Ask Me Anything Events for 2019 are scheduled! Renegade, do you have a burning real estate question or even a slightly smoldering idea? Have you tried to talk to Jeremy or Jay before, during, or after a meeting but the line is too long or your question too complex? Maybe you are intimidated by the chaos of the room?  Maybe you have too many connections you are chasing down.  No worries! We know it is impossible to talk to everyone at an RDI meeting. We are still here for you! At Renegade Ask Me Anything – you can do just that – come out, have a cup of coffee (or tea, or coco) and ask us any Real Estate related question that has been burning a hole in your notebook!

RDI Podcast Ep 110: Lending Part 1
This week I sit down with Joe Randall, Malcolm Turner, and Yoav Gilad and we chat endlessly about everything lending!

RDI Podcast Ep 109: This week we start part 3 of The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and read to pages 123-210.

RDI Podcast Ep 108: Charles Dobens and I talk about investing in multifamily apartments, starting later in life, anti guru business practices, and more.

RDI Podcast Ep 107: Hassan Imran and I talk about living as an immigrant, starting a real estate business, cold calling, and buying/wholesaling commercial deals.

RDI Podcast Ep 106: Today, David and Tara Roberts and I chat about the journey from employee to entrepreneur and single family homes to self storage.

RDI Podcast Ep 105: This week Brad Tacia, Dave Roberts, Mark Byrge and I talk about how they worked themselves out of jobs into real estate full time.

YES, we are still doing The Delia Group BBQ!

YES, you are still invited! (Sat, June 20th Noon – 4pm.  Check out the FB event)

Be a Renegade!