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RDI Meetings on hold – We discontinued monthly meeting posts until we hold meetings again. For now, check out the “one-offs” posted in events/meetings & continue discussions on the RDI Meetup or Facebook Page. has great resources for you & we love to hear ideas from you.
Miss you, Renegades!

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(remember NO JUNE OR JULY MEETING – so get you ticket to May’s meeting!)

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Please read it ALL CAREFULLY (down to the bottom – there will be a test) as entry parameters have CHANGED due to COVID-19

?? ??? ????! TICKETS GO LIVE TUESDAY, MARCH 30 @7pm for April’s RDI Meeting. Please read the full description BEFORE you pre-purchase as entry parameters have CHANGED due to COVID-19. See you there!

2020 RDI Meeting Updates – Month by month updates on 2020 RDI Meetings so you know when, where, how, & if there is a meeting, gathering or online tid bit.

Savages! The fun is happening again in the UP at Jeff Lipple’s Island View Resort! Charter fishing, sightseeing trips, water sports, hiking, bonfires, fish fry, SATURDAY FEAST and more! Bring the family and have fun with some savages!   2020 Registration is open! Check out the details on Facebook or Meetup.


You are more than welcome to go to Shield’s but we wont be there. Enjoy the sun, have a safe holiday and we will see you on August 4th (hopefully)!

No June RDI meeting. Enjoy the sun, go drive for dollars, get the family involved. Hopefully we will see you in August for a full meeting!

No RDI meeting this month. Have a drink for RDI (it is Cinco de Mayo) and spend time with your family in the sun. Maybe next month….

New Beginnings, New Deals, New Meeting Mode! This will be the first virtual RDI meeting! Here is what we are doing:

MODIFIED: Renegade Facebook LIVE Ask Anything March Modified 2020

RDI Podcast Ep 111: This week we start part 4 of The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and read to pages 210-280.

Renegade Ask Me Anything Events for 2019 are scheduled! Renegade, do you have a burning real estate question or even a slightly smoldering idea? Have you tried to talk to Jeremy or Jay before, during, or after a meeting but the line is too long or your question too complex? Maybe you are intimidated by the chaos of the room?  Maybe you have too many connections you are chasing down.  No worries! We know it is impossible to talk to everyone at an RDI meeting. We are still here for you! At Renegade Ask Me Anything – you can do just that – come out, have a cup of coffee (or tea, or coco) and ask us any Real Estate related question that has been burning a hole in your notebook!