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Week 26 – Jesse Boyd – 5 Minutes of Opportunity

Are you ready?

Week 25 – Jesse Boyd – Nine Thousand Dollar Schmuck

Don’t be that guy…

Week 24 – Jesse Boyd – Can You Be Trusted?

Start putting your book together…

Week 23 – Jesse Boyd – Grandma Sent You A Letter…

Have you tried direct mail?

Week 22 – Jesse Boyd – Consult The Michigan Bible

A great resource for legal questions…

Week 21 – Jesse Boyd – The Art of Schmoozing

Get people to like you…

Week 20 – Jesse Boyd

Today I have a simple message… I Scratch Your Back…You Scratch Mine

Week 19 – Jesse Boyd – Batch Those Tasks

With gas prices these days it makes sense to make the most out of each trip you make…

Week 18 – Jesse Boyd

Make yourself replaceable… Create, Delegate and Back it Up!

Week 17 – Jesse Boyd

Two words…Due Dilligence… The Best Boring Thing You Can Ever Do

Week 16 – Jesse Boyd – The Language Barrier

Can you talk the talk?

Week 15 – Jesse Boyd – Becoming Sherlock Homes

What don’t you know about your property?