RDI Podcast Ep 101: Jeff Lubeski, Mark Tomes, & Eric Friday

RDI Podcast Ep 101: Jeff Lubeski, Mark Tomes, & Eric Friday

RDI Podcast Ep 101: Jeff Lubeski, Mark Tomes, & Eric Friday


On this episode we answer your questions about investing with a job, using a job as part of your investment plan, flipping, wholesaling, lending, lead generation, getting started, and more!

Show Quote of the Week:
“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Cosmos


Jeff Lubeski

He started investing part time in the summer of 2011 with a fix & flip in Howell. From that first flip, he learned that it is not good to have a next door neighbor who owns 7 large dogs (hard to sell your flip). He purchased his first rental later that year before he finished the flip. Since then, he’s completed about 25 flips and currently has 26 rental units. He is also a private money lender on occasion when he is low on his own projects. During the day, he still has JOB of 26 years and looking forward to the day it is only a memory!

Mark Tomes

He’s a husband, father of 6 , flipper, buy and hold investor, and occasional wholesaler. By day he’s a buyer at an electronics company, by night he buys, fixes, flips, and rents real estate with his family. He sold his most energetic years for dollars per hour and started real estate business as a way to teach his children about entrepreneurship, self reliance, financial responsibility, and making a bit of coin for himself. His best return on investment has been the network, making friends and money at the same time is really fun. Mark’s family purchased a horse farm in September of 2018, which was a life time goal. His future goals include more North Oakland county flips, getting into self storage, and retiring while he still have a bit of life left to travel.

Eric Friday

Father of 2, born and raised in Detroit MI. Wholesaler, flipper, buy and hold investor. He graduated from Henry Ford High school and received bachelors degree from ITT Technical Institute. Eric worked multiple jobs while in and out of college and started his career as engineer in 2012. He started investing in Detroit real estate in 2015 to get out of the “rat race” and to be able to spend more time with his family.



“The Resolution”- Dr Eric Thomas


Contact Info:

Jeff Lubeski:
810-423-5103 (mobile)


Eric Friday:

FB: Eric Friday
IG: RealEstateFriday
Website: Detpropertysolutions.com
Email: eric@detpropertysolutions.com


Mark Tomes :

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