Social Media Still Requires Relationships

I just got back from an internet marketing seminar in California.  I learned so much about marketing online that it was crazy!  By the end of the week I thought my head would explode.

Throughout the entire training event I noticed that nothing was said about building relationships online.  I guess this makes since as this was an internet marketing seminar and not a building relationships seminar.

I felt that after attending the event though that most people thought that social media was a short cut to building relationships.  I think they believe that they can just go out and add a lot of friends and follow a ton of people and their business would explode.

Folks, there is no short cut to building relationships.

What is really exciting about Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and many of the other social networking sites is that it gives us a greater opportunity to build relationships with people that we might not otherwise have the chance to offline.

They also increase the number of tools at our disposal to continue building existing relationships online through a communication medium of their choice.

What does this really mean?  You still have to like people, care about their lives, and share your life….. just like networking and relationship building the old fashioned way, in person!

If you make your clients your best friends and take care of them like they were family, it will always be easy to attract new clients and you will never lose them to your competition.

Be a Renegade,

Jeremy Burgess

The Detroit Market Expert

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