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Not all deals go perfectly well. The deal I am going to describe is one I was reluctant to do in the first place. Three things changed my mind. So What went wrong?

This week I sit down with Jon and Scott Wilcox. We discuss coming from an entrepreneurial family, starting a car repo company, becoming an accidental landlord, flipping in and around the city of Detroit, and much more!

This week I sit down with Jan Dijkers and we discuss surviving hard times, lawsuits, investing in real estate, the fall and rise of downtown Detroit, development projects in Brush Park and Woodbridge, flipping, building a property management company, selling $6 million in real estate last year, and more!

This week I go over investing in Detroit single family homes. From A, B, C properties, different investment strategies, building or buying a team, how to avoid the Jackals of Detroit, and who shouldn’t invest in Detroit.

This week I sit down with Howard Jennings and we discuss living life without confidence, starting over, building a business in Detroit from London and more!

This week I sit down with David Brooks. and we chat about starting a business young, moving with the cheese, turning your passions into dollars, auctioning, downtown Detroit development, and more!

This week I sit down with Vicky Love. We chat about growing up in Detroit, the importance of good parents, building a mortgage business, flipping, wholesaling, and land lording.

This week I sit down with Jeff Adams of Artesian Farms. We chat about moving to Detroit, starting a nonprofit, hydroponically growing greens and herbs in Brightmoor, and more!

This is a presentation that Dennis Fassett gave at Junes 2012 Renegade Detroit Investors meeting. He teaches you how to write your story in a compelling way and why it is important.

For those of you who missed this great meeting with Charlie Wolborg aka Charlie Curve of Curve, Purveyor of Attention. I did record a short video clip to wet your lips with. If you missed this meeting, hopefully I will see you at the next one. Charlie Wolborg aka Charlie Curve of Curve, Purveyor of […]

Week 8 – Jeremy Burgess – Neighborhood Data Sales

Getting the current sales information for the neighborhood you are buying in….

Week 4 – Dennis Fassett – The Shocking Reason I Got My First Deal

You won’t believe how I was able to get my first deal…