RDI Podcast Ep99 Tomie Oneil

RDI Podcast Ep 99: Tomie O’Neil

RDI Podcast Ep 99: Tomie O’Neil

For the past 30 years Tomie has been a landlord/builder/developer/rehabber in Seattle, Wa, New Orleans, LA, The Republic of Panama and now Detroit. Tomie moved to Detroit in 2014 to take advantage of all the opportunities the Detroit market has. Before real estate he was an Audio Engineer. In 1984 he started Seismic Audio and built live sound gear and rented it to bands, clubs, tours, festivals and anyone who wanted to be louder.

Show Quote of the Week:

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” ? Socrates


Contact Information:

Tomie O’Neil

504-975-2300 Mobile
313-995-9027 Office


Joe Randall


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