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This week I sit down with Dennis Fassett. We chat about starting a business for financial security, failure, changing your mind, wholesaling, rentals, buying a murder house, and perhaps more than one rant!

This is a presentation that Dennis Fassett gave at Junes 2012 Renegade Detroit Investors meeting. He teaches you how to write your story in a compelling way and why it is important.

Week 12 – Dennis Fassett Can you guess what it is? Continue the conversation with other Renegades on Facebook! Be a Renegade – Dennis Fassett The Cash Flow Mercenary Cash Flow Mercenary Academy

Week 11 – Dennis Fassett – Vacancy is a Four Letter Word

Every day your unit sits vacant is a day of lost rent forever…

Week 10 – Dennis Fassett

Don’t DIY…just write checks to get it done…

Week 9 – Dennis Fassett

You need to take MASSIVE Action…right now!

Week 8 – Dennis Fassett – Bad Advice Talking Heads Strike Again

Careful who you listen too…

Week 7 – Dennis Fassett – Your Business is CASH FLOW Not Kumbya Hugs

Abundance mentality – YES. Win-Win? Only if it’s TRULY a win for you.

Week 6 – Dennis Fassett – Buying Knowledge and Experience Part II

I just wanted to reiterate my thoughts on buying education…

Week 5 – Dennis Fassett

Don’t be cheap when it comes to education… Spend Some Damn Money Already!!

Week 4 – Dennis Fassett – The Shocking Reason I Got My First Deal

You won’t believe how I was able to get my first deal…

Week 3 – Dennis Fassett – What Flavor of Real Estate Tastes Best?

Watch today as I talk about how I chose my niche in real estate…