RDI Podcast Ep1: Allan Daniels on Real Estate


Renegade Detroit Investors Podcast Ep1:  Allan Daniels on Real Estate

Allan Daniels has been buying notes and flipping real estate for over 20 years. His name is followed by an alphabet soup of acronyms and he involved in many aspects of real estate including helping shape federal and Michigan state law.   In this episode, we talk about how Allan got started, what he is doing successfully, his success habits, and Dodd Frank.

The Show Quote: “Most people would rather die than change.” Ann Rand


Contact Information

Dr. Daniels and Son
248 335 6166 office


Show Notes Links:

Videos of Allan:Ep 1 of RDI podcast: youtu.be/GnUOHq5YkMs
Speaking at RDI: Demise of Seller Financing Allan Daniels 2013: youtu.be/IBqPZKJy1k4
Speaking at RDI: PaperCuts and Sour Notes Allan Daniels: youtu.be/a3Uw8UNGRzc