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This is a presentation that Dennis Fassett gave at Junes 2012 Renegade Detroit Investors meeting. He teaches you how to write your story in a compelling way and why it is important.

Week 7 – Jeremy Burgess

Here’s a way to use census data to find areas you should be investing in…

Week 5 – Dennis Fassett

Don’t be cheap when it comes to education… Spend Some Damn Money Already!!

Yesterday we inaugurated the first Black American as President of the United States. Considering that 60 years ago Obama would have to drink out of a different water fountain than me, I find this historic event inspiring and it gives me hope for the future of America. Regardless of your political beliefs, President Obama’s inauguration speech calling for a new era of change was an eye opener. While I’m far from the world’s biggest Obama supporter (I’m a Ron Paul supporter), I found much of the President’s speech exciting and motivating at this particular juncture in our history.