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RDI Podcast Ep91: Barry Flavin

This week I sit down with Barry Flavin and chat about buying 13 houses in one year.

Show Quote of the Week:

“All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, then success is sure.” Mark Twain

This week I sit down with Tim Harden and we discuss everyone’s favorite topic, TAXES. Tim walks us through several hypothetical questions regarding wholesale, flipping, rental, agent, and general contractor businesses and how he would set up tax and asset protection.

This week I sit down with Jan Dijkers and we discuss surviving hard times, lawsuits, investing in real estate, the fall and rise of downtown Detroit, development projects in Brush Park and Woodbridge, flipping, building a property management company, selling $6 million in real estate last year, and more!

Joe Delia of the Delia Group Keller Williams speaks on how to grow a real estate business at a high level so you can avoid many of the mistakes he made.

This week I sit down with Namir George and we discuss emigrating from Iraq, life as an immigrant, starting a real estate education company while working at a party store, and burning your ships!

This week I sit down with Jesse Boyd. We chat about starting a business, raising millions in private money, building a rental empire, flipping, and wholesaling.

This week I sit down with Steve Londeau and Mike Cowper. We chat about why we started businesses, some of the perils of entrepreneurship, talking with sellers, over coming objections, and more!

This is the beginning of a series on Wholesaling. On this episode I cover how to generate leads with as little money as possible. This isn’t the best way or the most efficient way however, if you have more time than money, this will work if you are RELENTLESS.

his week I sit down with Tommy Desmond and Joe Delia. We chat about generating leads (opportunities), working your power base, marketing, and changing your attitude.

This week I sit down with James Danley, professional real estate investor and businessman. We chat about humble beginnings, thinking long term, thinking big, perseverance, and flipping million dollar homes.

This week I sit down with Brian Borawski, a CPA who has corned the local real estate investing crowd in Metro Detroit. We chat about making mistakes, starting businesses, taxes, and more.

This week I sit down with Keith Stonehouse, Vice President of Franklin Title Agency and the Founder of Michigan Real Estate Masterminds. I have always known him as THE NETWORKING HUSTLER. We chat about all things sales and dive deep into networking, building relationships, and working your power base.