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This week on Story Time with Tommy, Josh Sterling of Epic Property Management discusses syndicating apartment deals and other apartment deals he has done and is working on in South East Michigan.

This week I sit down with Mark Yuschak and we discuss buying his first rental, flipping, selling 82 doors a year, apartments, and more!

This week I sit down with Brent Maxwell and we chat about starting from nothing, doing the right thing, property management, rehabbing and flipping and apartment, some anti political correctness, and more!

This week I sit down with Brad Tacia We chat about starting with the end in mind, picking goals and breaking them into daily tasks, paying off debt, buying apartments, and MORE!

This week I sit down with Deb and Doug Benson. We talk about apartments, rentals flips and more!

This week I sit down with Josh Sterling. We chat about buying real estate before the crash, overwhelming debt, building a rental empire, and buying apartments.

For those of you who missed this great meeting with Dennis Fassett, The Cash Flow Mercenary, on investing in apartments in Metro Detroit, you really missed out.