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This week I sit down with Jesse Boyd. We chat about starting a business, raising millions in private money, building a rental empire, flipping, and wholesaling.

I started some direct mail campaigns many months ago and have been frustrated with the results….until now.

I’m not a doctor, but I have patients… Patient Property Snatching

I’m sick of checking my P.O. Box… Giving The Postal Service The Boot

Here’s how I setup my MLS listing searches… A Dose of Healthy Doubt

What’s In Your Drain Hole? Have you ever even looked?

Week 34 – Jesse Boyd

Friend or Foe? They’re all friends to me…

Week 33 – Jesse Boyd

More Tax Auction Tactics: A continuation of last week’s discussion on tax auctions…

Week 32 -Tax Auction Tips- Jesse Boyd

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing properties at a tax auction…

Week 31 – Jesse Boyd – Screw REOs, I Want Me A Granny House

What kind of properties are you focusing on?

Week 29 – Jesse Boyd

“I work with a property management company…”

Good Ol’ Fashioned Door Knockin

Week 28 – Jesse Boyd – Neighbors and Bee Stings

Talk to the neighbors…