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David Brooks from KW Commercial in Royal Oak discusses the pros and cons of using the auction process with your listings. He also covers many FAQ’s.

This is the 5th part of a 6 part series on Wholesaling 101: Finding Buyers and The Closing

This is the 4th part of a 6 part series on Wholesaling 101: The Appointment and Rehab.

This is the 2nd part of a 6 part series on wholesaling. This episode focuses on talking to sellers by covering how to get the information you need, how to overcome objections, how to get sellers to make decisions, and role playing!

This is the beginning of a series on Wholesaling. On this episode I cover how to generate leads with as little money as possible. This isn’t the best way or the most efficient way however, if you have more time than money, this will work if you are RELENTLESS.

Allan Daniels has been buying notes and flipping real estate for over 20 years. His name is followed by an alphabet soup of acronyms and he involved in many aspects of real estate including helping shape federal and Michigan state law. In this episode, we talk about how Allan got started, what he is doing successfully, his success habits, and Dodd Frank.

The Show Quote: “Most people would rather die than change.” Ann Rand

Week 12 – Jeremy Burgess – Talent vs Skill

Nobody is born a talented real estate investor…focus on learning…

Week 6 – Dennis Fassett – Buying Knowledge and Experience Part II

I just wanted to reiterate my thoughts on buying education…

Week 5 – Dennis Fassett

Don’t be cheap when it comes to education… Spend Some Damn Money Already!!

Week 3 – Jesse Boyd

You have my permission to suck…

For those of you who missed this great meeting with Ken Brown, of Ken Brown International, on living and working your dream.

Change comes fast in the world we currently live in and the rate of change is increasing exponentially. There was a time not too long ago where the smart thing was to go to college and graduate and get a nice safe job at a large corporation and work there your whole life. Your employer […]