About RDI

RDI Mission Statement: Encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for their lives, especially income and retirement.

Renegade Detroit Investors is a local real estate investment and business group that meets monthly throughout Metro Detroit. This group is about networking and doing deals.  This isn’t your grandmas Reia. NO GURU BULL SHIT from the front, no smell of stale coffee, Ben Gay, or disappointment.

Renegade Detroit Investors is also a real estate investing podcast channel with several weekly shows.  Monday is “The Borland Group Podcast: Real Deals, Real Returns”, Tuesday is “Flip This Podcast with Steve Londeau”, Wednesday is the Renegade Detroit Investors Podcast, and Thursday is “Story Time with Jeff”.  The monthly RDI meeting and the monthly Borland Group Meetup is also recorded and released as a podcast.

Jeremy Burgess Bio Co-Founder

Born in Coos Bay, Oregon but I consider myself a citizen of the world. I was a Navy brat and I lived and was raised all over the world. I joined the Navy out of high school, however, we didn’t see eye to eye.  I attended college for 3 weeks and a back injury prevented me from pursuing it further. I hated my 3 weeks of college and held a series of shitty jobs before being turned onto real estate by my best friend. My wife and I moved to Detroit in 2007 and founded Renegade Detroit Investors in 2008.
I’ve participated in hundreds of deals: wholesales, fix and flip, turn key rentals, land contracts, a few bulk deals, residential and commercial listings . I lost everything TWICE and learned my lessons in Detroit, gladiator school for real estate investors.
I’m a husband, an investor, realtor, farmer, curmudgeon, skeptic, and podcaster.

Jeanna Kiehle Bio Co-Founder

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am a transplant to Detroit. During my PNW phase of life, I earned the Wo-He-Lo award (campfire version of eagle scout), received my eagle feather from the Makah Indian Counsel, fished in the ocean a lot,  traveled all over the world, completed my undergraduate degrees at University of Washington, attended a great number of concerts (oldies and modern), dance, orchestra, opera, play and comedy performances, worked in a five star dining room, competed in street salsa, danced in several professional ballet and modern dance companies, taught all ages of ballet, modern, jazz, salsa, ballroom belly dance and more, co-directed 2 different dance studios, stage managed,crewed or made costumes for many theater productions, lived short-term in several states, completed my Master’s degree at Washington State University(WSU), became certified trainer of challenge course moderators,  personal trainers, instructors of group fitness, pilates, yoga, dance, CPR/First Aid (and a few more areas), grew into an assistant director of WSU University Recreation, got married, adopted 4 cats, hiked on many mountains and through many wheat fields,and read a lot books.  In 2007, my husband and I uprooted and moved to Detroit.  Real estate occupied our post PNW world .  We founded RDI in 2008 and it is still going strong.  We started a few other business that came went; having lost everything twice and rebuilt. Though it all, we have done hundreds of deals including, but not limited to, wholesales, fix and flip, turn key rentals, land contracts, rentals, notes, and bulk deals.  We also branched out from real estate by adopting a few dogs, becoming urban farmers, exploring the world of cooking and preserving food, drinking awesome coffee, crafting (ok, only I do the arts and crafts), reading and discovering beautiful hikes all over Michigan.
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